Art Design Study

What professions exist in video game industry

During my studies and personal project I was inspired by awesome people. I want to share content which influenced me the most to help you if you feel like you need more transparency or a push in the “right” direction. While the first 3 are good to get an overview, the second last made me stay realistic with my career dreams and I discovered the last one recently because it looks like this is currently successful:

  • Game Engine Architecture by Jason Gregory
  • So You Wanna Make Games?? by Riot Games
  • Bubble Universe Stafel 3 by bubbleuniversegaming
  • Pixels And Polygons: An Indie Game Developer Story by Gamestar Arts
  • Game Dev Unlocked by David Wehle

Let me know if you experience that this material was helpful and share some yours if it fits to the topic.

Art Design Invention Social Spike Study

What needs a virtual world to help you to be creative?

I have the believe that games can help creators best when they define a fixed set of rules only when necessary. It should be up to the player to decide how to interact with all the locations and with the other players.

A simple design is also very good to help creators motivation because the target audience might be gamer but could be non-gamer as well.

I am not keen to find the perfect solution, but I will try to work on it.


How can we sense the enzyme which is activating CoV in our body ?

I gave a talk during my studies where I introduced the basics of Fluorescent FRET Biosensors and afterwards discussed a paper that developed one.

After the first part you should open this website and start the simulation at the top (It`s made by the Zeiss Company). You need to choose Biosensor D to control a modeled sensor that works similar to the sensor in the discussed paper. This is to give you a better learning opportunity. You can control here the distance of Protein to Peptide (which are the central elements of the biosensor). I advise that you continue with the next part only when you can say in your own words how the distance influence the signal.


How to collaborate digital and healthy?

I just found three links that I really want to try out. While the first is a german website showing workouts for breaks in the (home)office, the others are some cool tools for drawing/mind-mapping/whiteboarding.


In case you are intested in trying out this tools while designing games with me, write me a message and let`s prototype something!


Is programming with block professional ?

One advantage of block-based programming while comparing it to “normal” one is that while learning it you get prepares for a job.

Next to clarify if the argument is too weak their exist two other motivations to continue my research:

-The interest in academia for a better distinction in the definitions

-With visual programming students from low-income or/and non-technical families can learn without requiring keyboards and in particular (and maybe more important) keyboard writing skills

Please share your experience 🙂


First Sci-Fi by Kepler: Somnium


Remote team management

Because of the current circumstances we could be forced to just work remotely to keep distance for long term and not spread the disease.

Fortunately, a software engineer team nowadays can work completely online. Supervisor and supervisee here exchange messages or files and met or will meet just in a call. In the last years there is evidence of a trend towards remote work. 39% of workers in the US worked some time remotely in 2012 vs. 43% in 2016 and 15% of these remote workers just had online contact in 2012 vs. 20% in 2016. From Gallup’s “State of the American Workpace” report in 2017 page 150 and 156

But which tasks will or should be changed in management (like reading body language to better understand your supervisee) while working online?

Next to this experimental study on the impact of the change to remote work in the Chinese travel agency Ctrip and that website I’m curious if there is more!

Art Study

Epiphany on isolation


Art Design Spike

First concept art for isolation

I keep the idea of the cave art and now skyscraper will be a second key element. The contrast is quite interesting and as I lived in a city with a lot of tall buildings, research doesn’t need much time anymore.

The question which has to be answered is:

Why is the cave art undiscovered?

To answer with concept art you need some additional constraints to “stay in the track”:

  • No cave art on the floor, because movement will be weird when you have multiple axis with gravity and no gravity is also weird (the movement is actually not defined yet but I have the idea of a platformer in my head)
  • 2D characters
A person is protecting the cave
It’s haunted
This drawing is more useful to see the platformer mechanics like walking from one building to another, but I actually forgot that I’m doing this to answer to the question^^
The person is the reason(again). First in 3D and then in 2D (what is what I actually want, but I forgot (again^^))
A gap. In this one I discovered/ tried to add an additional cave and I think having them is a nice element for a lot of mechanics.
My favourite is using signs and I think it works the best as it solves the problem of having something in between the cave(s) and the skyscraper to move on with your character ( which is a cave art painted people(that’s also never mentioned but I actually think it’s nice to play them) ) and it’s answers the question.

What do you think ?