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First concept art for Hunter

I want to give an update here on my cave art game: Additional to the idea mentioned in my previous posts, I decided to make skyscraper a second style element. The contrast is quite interesting and as I live in a city with a lot of tall buildings, I don`t have to spend a lot of time on research.

The question which still has to be answered is:

Why is the cave idle from the people in the city?

I learned: To answer with concept art you need some additional constraints to “stay in the track”:

  • Just the player`s agents are in cave art and everything else is not. This constraint is defining the game mechanics because the players agents are drawings so they are just visible on surfaces. The player `s agents therefore will become invisible when they not have a surface on their position.
  • The player`s agents are named Hunter.
  • The other characters are: Caveman (just visible in Cutscenes), Citizen (erasing drawings) and Animals (currency).
  • Lemmings is the main inspiration.
  • Hunting animals is the goal.
  • It`s a 2D game because I have more experience with them.
A caveman is protecting a cave while citizen are watching him
It’s haunted
Hunter walking from the cave to the skyscraper, but I actually forgot that I’m drawing to answer on the question^^
The person could be the reason. I have drawn the person first in 3D and then in 2D.
I tried to add an additional cave and I will use it to allow multiple spawning points.
To answer on my question: I will use signs with the explanation that this scared the citizen to go to the cave. Another argument to have signs in the game is that the hunter can be visible on them. To stick with my constrains it`s good to have additional surfaces, next to the caves, skyscraper trees and animals.

What do you think ?

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