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First concept art for isolation

I keep the idea of the cave art and now skyscraper will be a second key element. The contrast is quite interesting and as I lived in a city with a lot of tall buildings, research doesn’t need much time anymore.

The question which has to be answered is:

Why is the cave art undiscovered?

To answer with concept art you need some additional constraints to “stay in the track”:

  • No cave art on the floor, because movement will be weird when you have multiple axis with gravity and no gravity is also weird (the movement is actually not defined yet but I have the idea of a platformer in my head)
  • 2D characters
A person is protecting the cave
It’s haunted
This drawing is more useful to see the platformer mechanics like walking from one building to another, but I actually forgot that I’m doing this to answer to the question^^
The person is the reason(again). First in 3D and then in 2D (what is what I actually want, but I forgot (again^^))
A gap. In this one I discovered/ tried to add an additional cave and I think having them is a nice element for a lot of mechanics.
My favourite is using signs and I think it works the best as it solves the problem of having something in between the cave(s) and the skyscraper to move on with your character ( which is a cave art painted people(that’s also never mentioned but I actually think it’s nice to play them) ) and it’s answers the question.

What do you think ?

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