Remote team management

Because of the current circumstances we could be forced to just work remotely to keep distance for long term and not spread the disease.

Fortunately, a software engineer team nowadays can work completely online. Supervisor and supervisee here exchange messages or files and met or will meet just in a call. In the last years there is evidence of a trend towards remote work. 39% of workers in the US worked some time remotely in 2012 vs. 43% in 2016 and 15% of these remote workers just had online contact in 2012 vs. 20% in 2016. From Gallup’s “State of the American Workpace” report in 2017 page 150 and 156

But which tasks will or should be changed in management (like reading body language to better understand your supervisee) while working online?

Next to this experimental study on the impact of the change to remote work in the Chinese travel agency Ctrip and that website I’m curious if there is more. Please share your experience and expertise:

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