Is programming with block professional ?

One advantage of block-based programming while comparing it to “normal” one is that while learning it you get prepares for a job.

Next to clarify if the argument is too weak their exist two other motivations to continue my research:

-The interest in academia for a better distinction in the definitions

-With visual programming students from low-income or/and non-technical families can learn without requiring keyboards and in particular (and maybe more important) keyboard writing skills

Please share your experience 🙂

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Jatzlau, S., & Romeike, R. (2018). How High is the Ceiling? Applying Core Concepts of Block-based Languages to Extend Programming Environments. In Valentina DagienÄ—, EglÄ— JasutÄ— (Eds.), Constructionism 2018: Constructionism, Computational Thinking and Educational Innovation: conference proceedings (pp. 286-294). Vilnius, LT.

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