Space War

An strategy game made with a very talented team during the Berlin Mini Jam 2015 with Unity:

You can find our code here

Mind game

A toy / electronic tabletop / physical game:

You can find the game rules and instruction here


The first project with Bitsy, created with @prullansky:

You can play the game here and ask me for the source code

Playing with expectations

A Game Jam to create a collaboration of levels sharing the same theme and build in Unity. An additional team member Bjarke Walling joined:

You can see the eventpage here and the code here

Nine Men’s Morris (in German Mühle)

The common board game programmed and designed to sharp my skills in JavaScript, software design and composing game music:

You can play the game, download the code, find the game rules and read some details about my implementation here

ABC’s podcast

An interactive podcast where you have to make decisions in small talk about science:

Unfortunately you need to ask me for access

Alphabet soup

A board game to teach handwriting to high-energy students:

You can find the game rules here and if needed ask me for translation

Nuclear game

An outdoor activity game to experience the chain reaction in an atomic power plant:

You can find the game rules here